Sunday, 28 October 2012

Print Workshop

In the print workshop there were three different printing processes which we learned and attempted to do;
  • Mono print
  • Lino print
  • Letter press
I tried each of these processes, and some were easier to grasp than others, the thing which I needed to remember but often forgot, such as letters and words when printed will end up backwards, therefore when etching or doing lino or mono prints, you need to draw them backwards so that when they are printed it looks right and the letter are the right way round.

I started with mono printing using the letter 'l' which I cut out to use as a stencil.

First mono print

Using my stencil to block out the black after I had inked my plate, then put it through the printing press and it left an 'l' as negative space.

Second mono print
With My second print, I didn't ink my plate up again, I just took away the stencil and it left an outline, so I thought that it would be an interesting print.

Third mono print
With the third print I inked up my plate again but only just over half of it, so that i cold get two different shades in it. Then I decided to use the edge of the roller to create thinner lines, just to experiment with the different effects you can get using purely one colour. I also put the stencil back on, to block out the black.

Fourth mono print
I then used the same plate, and took off the stencil and put it back on backwards, which gave a nice effect of a black outline and a white outline, it just shows all the different things which you can do with mono printing.

I then did some letter press printing, and decided to use my letters to make my name, all different and random sizes and shapes.

Smaller letters

Larger old Letters
I decided to make my name out of the smaller letters and my initials out of larger letters and printed them individually. What is so interesting about this way of printing is that using older blocks shows the imperfections in each block which gives them character and makes it really effective. I will definitely be using this printing process again as I really like the result which it gave me.

Next I used lino printing, which is a print process which I don't really enjoy using, but tried it anyway.

Lino after I'd finished

First print
After my first print, I realized that had cut my letter 'L' the wrong way to print with. I decided to cut it in the style of my last brief 'Alphabet Adam' to see if it would work in print form, but as I cut it the wrong way to print, it hasn't worked very well.
Also First print, with a second print on top
I printed my first print twice, without re-inking my lino so that I had a grey scale. I then cut more out of my lino in random straight lines so that they would show through after printing over the top again. I think that this process is very effective although takes a lot of thinking and skill to get it right.

I would definitely use these process's again, and this workshop was really useful for me.

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