Friday, 19 October 2012

Illustrator Workshop 1

Today in the illustrator workshop Simon showed us how to use illustrator appropriately. Even though I have been using illustrator for the past year, he taught me a lot of things I didn't know which will help me this year, for example short cuts. We started by doing an pen tool exercise, where you follow the instructions to get you use to using the software.

Following the instructions brought me to these patterns and shapes, where I changed the colours to make them look nicer.

We then got given the letter g which had been drawn and scanned into the computer. We had to draw around it with the pen tool, with no instructions to follow, so it was all based on judgement, this is where I learnt things I didn't previously know, like to press alt on the anchor point to stop the line from curving when you try to draw the next line.

fully traced
using pathfinder to minus circles from the middle of g
Simon showed us how to use the white pen tool to change the shapes to make it look better and more accurate. He then showed us how to create the letter from just shapes, and then deleting the lines.

initial shapes
adding inner shapes

deleting lines with pen tool for the ear

finished g from just shapes

 The first illustrator workshop really helped me to learn things which I never knew you could do in illustrator, and will help with my Alphabet Soup - Illustrator brief.

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