Monday, 25 February 2013

Group 7 Brief

BA (Hons.) Graphic Design
10,000 Steps



You are required to produce a publication that motivates and encourages the general public to keep fit by walking 10,000 steps a day. Your response should consider the context of where the publication will be distributed and consider what will be appropriate for your target audience. This is something which you will need to identify as part of your initial concept proposal.

What do you want to say? How do you intend to say it? What language is appropriate for your audience?

Will the content be communicated primarily through type or image? If it is both what is the relationship between the two? How can your information be displayed through image?

A limited colour palette, two colours plus stock. How will you tailor the content to suit this requirement?

What are you aiming to achieve, how will you achieve this? What will you need to take into consideration in order to achieve this?

How would this project evolve if it was to be continued in the future? What other outcomes would be made? How would this help deliver the message?

Have you taken cost into consideration? What choices will need to be made? Have you thought about future mass production?

What size will your outcome be? Will this be effected by your audience? Will this be effected by practicality?

You should resolve this problem by the deadline stated below. However, if you have plans to extend the scope and ambition of your response beyond this deadline you should include these proposals in your presentation.

Mandatory RequirementsDeliverables

Your response should remain within legal boundaries. NB - Any activities that may cause damage, personal offence or involve acts of an illegal nature are not encouraged or supported by the delivery of this brief. You must seek appropriate permission for all activities associated with this brief.

Design development sheets.

Concept/proposal appropriate to your idea.

3 x A2 presentation boards identifying:
Method of Delivery

Publication encouraging walking.
Studio DeadlineModule Deadline

Friday 8th March 2013

3rd May 2013

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