Thursday, 6 December 2012

Photoshop Workshop 2

To open many images on the same file, go to 'Script' the select 'Load files into stack' which gives you the shot below.
Then simply browse to find the images you want in that file. As these images have been taken on a tripod they are all aligned, therefore I don't need to select the Alignment box. I also need to create it a a smart object, as if I didn't it would create a file with many layers, but by making it a smart object it will be all on the same layer.

This symbol shows that it is in stack mode.

This images shows the eliminated people, to get just the object as it is the only cntant thing throughout the picture. To get here go to 'Layer' then 'Smart Object' then 'Median'.

As the sky on the Samrt object image is now just a blur of blue, I want to make the sky look nice, therefore select an image with a good sky which I like and open it in photoshop. Select the image the copy it and paste it onto the smart object image. Then go on the 'quick selection' tool and select the sky, then go the 'Select' then 'Inverse' then 'Edit' 'Cut' and it take my sky and puts it onto my Smart obect image.

This is how you cget to work with a contact sheet, and then it comes up with the box below.

This box shows how to set up the document. First I changed 'Use' the files as I didn't make a folder for this and they were all individual files, and then selected then all. The preset measurements in this are American Letter, therefroe I need to change it to be the size I want it to be. Change the Resolution to 300 pixels/inch. Also change the number of photo per page and change whether or not I want the file name on the sheet by deselecting or seleceting the bottom box.

This is what shows when this process is done. Portable Document Format, is what PDF stands for, this is important as you can send this document to someone who doesnt have the same programmes as you therefore it would be able to open if it is a PDF. PDF's can also allow you to make a double sided document.

Lossy or Losless are to different types of ways to save. One of them is for screen based images, and the other is for print based images. Lossless file formats are print formats, and the other is screen, these are like this becasue they are been compressed so that they can open on screen really quickly.

Saving as a JPEG comes up with this box, you can determin the quality of your image, but it wil compress the image.

This is saving as a TIFF and it comes up with this box, for this we have chosen non for image compression, and this has lost no detail in the image, and can be printed off really well.

Drag and drop the images in to Adoe Acrobat, so that I can do them double sided, on large paper.

By opening my document in Preview, I can then go to print and make the document two sided, change the binding to either long sided or short sided depending on whther the image is landscape or portrait. Also change the scale to 100%, then print.

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