Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tigerprint - Black and White Surface Pattern

Tigerprint Black and White Surface Pattern.
I have already done a Tigerprint brief for Marks and Spencers, but I wasn't very happy with the outcome, I think I could have done it a lot better. Therefore I am going to do another Tigerprint brief that I will be happy with.

The Brief.
This month we want you to focus on black and white surface pattern. We would like you to design a surface pattern for a male or female recipient that could be used across a range of our everyday products including:
Gift bags, wrapping paper, stationery products or greeting cards.
The brief is open, so get back to basics and think about how the pattern is generated. Explore different techniques and formats, and really experiment with the elements that make up your pattern. Think about how different lines, marks and patterns can be created and applied. Look at fashion and homeware trends for inspiration.

There are many different elements that they have asked for, most of them I would be interested in doing. I think that I am going to focus on Geometric and Abstract patterns. The design must be in just black and white, therefore I think that using simple shapes could be a strong design. 

I am wanting the pattern to look retro in this design, an endless swirl as if the circle keeps going. creating a black outer circle with a smaller white circle in the middle is how I have made this effect.

I decided to make a pattern from the shapes I made, then create a repeat pattern showing how it would work if it were to be used for a surface print.

This is the first final surface pattern I have produced for this brief, and I am happy with it.
For the next black and white patter I though I would do the same sort of effect but use a rectangle instead of a circle.

Creating a basic pattern from this shape allowed me to create a repeat pattern to show how it would work as a repeat pattern.

This is the second surface print.

I used the same process for the third brief. Keeping the theme as shapes means that the print will all work together, and will have continuity if they were to be chosen.

Again I have used the same structure and theme throughout all of my black and white surface pattern. I am happy with the prints and think that they all work really well together.

Final Patterns.
The four surface patterns work well together as they all have a very similar theme. For all of them I have used a basic black and white shapes getting smaller and smaller so that it looks like they keep going, like a tunnel. Then creating a patterns using that shape at different sizes, then repeating it to create the surface pattern, this is why they all work well together, and would work well as a range of products.

Mock Ups.
The brief said that the pattern should be able to work on greetings cards, gift bags, tags or stationary. Therefore I decided that if I mock each of the patterns onto come cards, gift bags and tags, this is so that I can show that they will work on each of the different products that Marks and Spencers sells.

I started with the greetings cards, trying out two of the patterns I have designed. I think that the patterns work well on cards, I think that they are targeted at both males and females. This is what I like about geometric shapes and patterns, most of the time they don't have a specific gender for the audience, which is what is good about just using black and white, with no colour, it is suitable for men and women.

I then decided that I would mock the patterns onto some gift bags. I think that putting all of the designs onto the bags looks good, and they all work well together.

I have only put two of the four patterns onto the gift tags, because I think showing more examples of the gift tags would be too much, especially if I show all of my mock ups together.

This was a quick brief, which I have enjoyed doing a lot. Being given limited colours, just black and white, meant that I could purely focus on the pattern itself. The brief suggested guidelines for the surface patterns which was what gave me the ideas for my patterns. I chose this brief because I thought that it would be a quick turn around brief, which will give me a break and do something new and different to my larger briefs.

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