Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Summative Evaluation

When I started this module, I was initially quite worried about how I would do a minimum of 5 individual briefs, and more importantly, how I would manage the collaborative brief. I think that having briefs set for you allows you to have an excuse if anything goes wrong by saying its not really your thing. Although choosing our own brief would put more pressure on them.

At the start of the module the pressure of choosing our own briefs was very high, although I found that when I started actually doing the briefs I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to choose what I wanted to do. Through this module I wanted to do a range of larger and smaller briefs, and I think I did that well as I have larger and smaller briefs for competitions and live briefs. I also wanted to take advantage of the fact that I could choose my own briefs, and do more of the kind of briefs I enjoy doing.

The main individual brief I started on, I decided to explore the boundaries of the brief, and see how far I could push it without changing the brief completely. I really enjoyed The Body Shop brief as I think that going from a different angle made my design different and stand out. The Body Shop is a company I really like, and it was really good designing for a company that is interested in helping people and being animal friendly. I also already know a lot about The Body Shop as I do shop there, therefore I felt that I had an advantage when approaching this brief.

This module has helped me to develop my skills and develop as a designer. I have found more of what I am interested in, as I previously thought that I would go into packaging, but I have found that I am more interested in illustrating. I have also gained experience with working with clients, and discovering that every client is different and each client has different needs and work in different ways.

Responsive has helped me with my time management and organization. Each brief has a different deadline, therefore I was working to each of the separate deadlines, where as with uni briefs the deadlines aren’t as official and I usually have lots to do for the module deadline, whereas for this deadline I have been very prepared and ready for it. I have also enjoyed being able to just pick up another brief when I am stuck with the one I am currently doing for a break, especially if it is a small short brief, giving me a refreshing break from the larger briefs.

There are a few briefs that I have done during responsive that I am not proud of, but this module allowed me to learn from this from my mistakes, and move forward when it comes to the next brief. I have enjoyed being in control of my own workload and doing the brief s in my own time/ Particularly liked choosing which briefs I wanted to do, and when I could do them. I have also taken advantage of doing live briefs, as people have asked me to do work for them in the past but because f this course I haven’t found time. But having a Responsive module allowed me to do both at the same time.

Doing the collaborative brief was my biggest fear with this module as I am not a fan of working in a group. I was also worried about choosing a partner and whether I would have someone to go with. Although I was very surprised with my partnership as I think that it worked really well. We both had different skills, which meant I could focus on the bits I enjoyed whilst she focused on the aspects that she enjoys. The outcomes for my collaborative brief I was really happy with and I think that working as a collaborative partnership was very successful for us, as I learnt that group work could sometimes work.

Overall I have really enjoyed this module and think that it has been my best and favorite module through the whole course. It has developed me as a designer and taught me more about working with live briefs. The structure of this module has meant that I was able to do the briefs I wanted, when I wanted to do them, which has given me more freedom and allowed me to explore what kind of a designer I am.

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