Thursday, 11 April 2013

InDesign - Chickens


I decided to do some grid ideas before I started to put my content and images into the double page spread. This gave me some ideas about how I will place my text and images on the document, so that the page is balanced. So that there is not too much image on one side or text on the other.

Starting to develop my double page spread;
The content for my InDesign brief is chickens, When looking for information about chickens on google, I found a picture of a chicken in a hat, then started looking for more. I found that there are lots of pictures of chickens in hats, therefore decided that the tone of voice for my double page spread was going to be informal and funny. I thought that I would stick with the colours for a chicken which is yellow, I then experimented with different layouts.

I found that none of my layouts were balanced, as my top image didn't reach to the edge of the page without changing the size and making the image pixelated. Therefore I decided to create some illustrations of eggs with hats on, something which is relevant and put them in the negative space. I think that the illustrations add to the tone of voice of this double page spread.

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