Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Screen Printing Workshop

The Workshop;
In this workshop we learnt how to produce a hot dog book, in a cmyk print process. Although I have done screen printing before, it had been a while, therefore it was good for me to get a recap and remind me of the proper way to screen print.

We started by printing the yellow as it is the lightest colour, there were crop marks on the screens so that we could get all of the prints in line, although the original screen and print was set up by the women who was running the induction, and was printed off, so some of the crop marks weren't on the prints, which meant it was hard to line up the print, so they were a bit off.
The end print was slightly off as the first print wasn't done properly, but other than being slightly off, they turned out okay.

The cutting and folding of the book didn't go very well for me, but now I know how to make a hot dog book, although next time I will be more careful with the folding.

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